Macaron and Macaroon is Different Cakes

Macaron become one of the favored cakes by many urban people today

Macarons, French made mini cakes - Image credit Nicolas Halftermeyer

Macaron and macaroon indeed often confuse fans of the cake, especially for the average person who was enjoying it. But you need to be observant when enjoying cakes that tasted sweet, pastry-makers said.

Macaron has a sweet taste of the kind of crisp and chewy cookie with almond-like material mixed with the contents of various flavors, such as vanilla, coffee, chocolate, fruit, coconut, even green tea.

For the urban community, macaron will accompany as a snack dessert, tasted so sweet and a favorite of many people citizens.

Not hard to find a macaron cake, when you enjoy the atmosphere of a weekend in a shopping center of your town, as written on the site CNN Indonesia, April 5, various pastry shop will offer it to you, but do not be fooled when they offer you the macaroons. That's different!

Indeed, looked outside you would think the same, but in fact both sweet snacks are two different things. Yes, similar but not identical.

They, experts, say like a chéf Jansen Chan, Director of Pastry Operation of the International Culinary Center agrees with the confusion of cake fans.

Similarities are also trouble the seller, because they have to explain any questions from buyers. Jansen Chan then added in an interview on the site of Real Simple, that see the resemblance, macaron and macaroon is 'relative' but far enough away.

Technically macaroon and the word 'macaron' in French is the same thing, Chan said in explanation.

"But in the world of pastry, they are two different things."

He explained that the macaroon is a sweet cake made from coconut, egg whites, and sugar. Then once whipped until fluffy and stiff, dough ready to be printed and baked until done.

Note, if the texture of a macaroon was chewy and dense at the top.

A vanilla macaron - Image credit Michelle Naherny

Well, macaron, which is also known as macaron Paris or macaron Gerbet made with almond flour, egg whites and sugar. Step shuffle all the mixture is done, whipped until stiff and printed, as well as in baked, layer it will dry and crisp.

Macaron generally served with jam and clamped with additional layers of other macaron.

Say you're still confused, but for convenience, macaron who often do you find is the type of macaron Paris because it is made from almond flour, Chan said.

"Macaron and macaroon has a lineage from Europe, and they were influenced by the baker from France and Italy."

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Real Simple
Image: Wikipedia


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