Eat Alone, You'll Be Slim!

Eating together with family or friends would potentially make you become more fat

The Chef - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Choosing a lunch menu often leaves you feeling confused, especially when you're in a busy place, whether in the office, or on a trip, even while you're out on a crowded area with culinary flirting.

When in a moment like this, confused, as featured on the site CNN Indonesia, April 18, then you are actually not the only one who experienced something like this.

At lunch in the busy situation, most people are having trouble choosing the menu that will be eaten. You'll see all the menu images you can imagine, all the menus look good and tempting to eat.

Maybe you want to do something, share with friends be a solution to be able to taste all types of food with affordable prices and portions. Maybe even you want to eat with family, or anyone nearest?

Believe something lurking, the shadows like this, with friends or friends do not bring you to a better situation. Studies have revealed that eating with others has the potential to make you fatter.

It turned out that many types of food eaten was influenced by other people who ate together, as written by the Guardian, published at the American Heart Association meeting revealed that there is a potential 'leakage diet' of 60 percent when eating with others.

You will find it hard to resist a variety of dishes you might avoid, and in such situations you will be more likely to accept the opposite meal invitation, having to compromise with others.

One hundred and fifty people (150 peoples) in research a year long, want to lose weight or maintain their weight by observing what they eat and also where they eat. They were asked to limit the number of calories eaten.

Well, it turns out that they are more likely to diet if they eat alone.

They, 63 respondents proved that eating with family or friends can increase the number of food portions to 44 percent compared to when eating alone.

People who often eat together also have the potential to eat more fat than when eating alone.

Other situations in the office, for example, also trigger a diet failure of up to 40 percent because of the temptations of cakes and snacks that appear. Cars or automobile are the safest place to be free from the risk of overeating.

In that case, when you drive, the study says, the chances of lowering the risk to 30 percent to prevent diet failure.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Guardian
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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