United Airlines Facing Wine Shortage

The service from the airline to drink wine get a good response, especially for long-haul flights

The Wine, illustration - Image credit Mick Stephenson

Wine services in-flight be a good news earlier in the week, an interesting idea in attracting the attention of potential passengers. Competition to be faced in the aviation business that makes the owners have to be very creative.

Who would refuse if the competition for passengers become so tight, citing the site CNN Indonesia, 10 April, a good decision on United Airlines with services that could be considered surprising, that wine in a fine dining menu in the cabin.

You'll be glad to have a service like this, and that's what happened, now they, airline based in the United States was experiencing a dilemma, because the stock of wine was thinning.

They have been providing this service since December 2016, in a service called Polaris Premium Cabin Product.

This service is attractive to be enjoyed, the two types of wine, red and white, with brands ranging from 2014 Colby Red Blend, 2014 Kir-Yianni Paranga Red Blend, 2014 Robert Weil Riesling to 2014 La Crema Chardonnay.

The airlines have an announcement to the crew cabin, citing the site Travel and Leisure on Sunday, April 9th, that there has been a shortage of stock of wine in the warehouse.

"Passengers are very fond of wine in the services menu Polaris Premium Cabin Product. The interest of passengers will be the services, even reaching 300 percent."

A good marketing strategy from United, but it requires an adequate stock to meet increased demand for services such wine favored by passengers.

The Polaris tweets - Image credit @BrianSumers

United added in its announcement explanation and understanding response from the passengers.

"We continue to strive to provide a menu of wine, we buy in bulk, but sometimes we run out of stock. Hope to understand this condition."

Interesting response from netizens on social media, that United Airlines has two options, namely replacing the brand of the wine with others, or restrict passengers to consume it throughout the flight.

Regardless of this service, they did not think if if Polaris Premium Cabin service will be very salable product, especially for passengers flying on long distances.

Passengers appreciate, in addition to wine service, passengers can enjoy a more comfortable seating throughout their flight.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: Mick Stephenson via Wikipedia, Brian Sumers @twitter


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