Condoms to Make Wine in Cuba

In addition to fishing and a variety of other purposes

MontGras wine, illustration - Image credit G Alexei

International embargo on Cuba have occurred in a span of time long enough in the country, so that in some cases they would be difficult to meet specific needs. They become creative in using various materials for everyday purposes, including condoms.

Regardless of the country continues to open up, as well as Obama's visit to Cuba has made the country increasingly recognized by the tourists from various corners of the world, especially those who come from the United States.

Cuba is increasingly different, but something that typically do not automatically disappear, as written on the site CNN Indonesia, April 7, customs of the people who are creative, say condoms are widely known, not only to use condoms as a contraceptive but also a variety of other needs.

You can find out if the angler in Cuba take advantage of the condom as a float hook that can be thrown away. Sure to be a question, but this is a solution so that they can catch fish that have high sales price.

Condoms do have extensive functionality, so they treat it like a quote on the Oddity Central, as well as a fishing tool, now used by the wine entrepreneurs.

The compelling story of Orestes Estevez, 65 years, a wine businessman from Havana, out of nowhere the idea was born when he utilizes latex condoms. This condom is used as a marker of wine fermenting tools in a jar glass.

This idea was present that such, wine and fruit juice in a large-sized glass bottles, then he put the mouth of the bottle as a lid.

Condomn - Image credit Flegmus

Brilliant idea of ​​Estevez, condoms become a 'benchmark' for the maturity and the stored wine fermentation.

The use of condoms as a sensor to indicate the maturity of wine and other fruit juices, then during the fermentation process, it will form a gas as the result of a process. Slowly then gas will fill the space inside the condom, the condom then 'ballooned'.

Next step, he makes a kind of small holes to release the gas, and the gas inside the condom condoms began to disappear and come back to deflate, at this moment he knows that the wine is ready to be bottled.

A great idea can be found anywhere, creativity of entrepreneurs of wine in Cuba, the condom as a sensor to release gas and fermentation monitoring tools is reasonably priced and productive.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Oddity Central
Image: G Alexei, Flegmus via Wikipedia


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