US Citizens Diet with Smoking

One of the most unique dietary tricks is to take care of the body by smoking

Cigarette in an ashtray - Image Credit Tomasz Sienicki

The best slimming way has been delivered by nutritionists and food experts, you often read it or watched through various television shows. It seems that people are quite obedient following the advice of the experts.

Even people who so want an ideal body will follow from many famous celebrities, who are admittedly having an ideal body, sexy and fit.

This time you will try to understand how best or say a unique way, quoting from the CNN Indonesia, April 21, the most unique dietary trick is to deal with smoking by some Americans.

Even you will feel surprise, this way could be their favorite choice.

Something is certain that this way has been known since the 1920s, citing the site The Daily Meal, cigarette type and cigar targeted by many people to get the ideal posture. Cigarettes are considered as one of the best dietary ways because it can suppress the appetite and lose weight.

Reviews on the site write, the content of nicotine that can raise blood sugar levels, thus covering the hunger. Nicotine content is admitted or more precisely claimed to increase levels of hormone dopamine or hormone triggers pleasure in the brain.

But. As you know in much news, smoke from tobacco has been established as a source of lung cancer and the cause of premature death.

Most people do not seem to care about this, rather than wanting to lose weight. Smoking is regarded as the fastest way to sustain long-lasting bodies, and this has been a common decade for decades in the United States.

Times changed, in 1930, people switched to using fruits as a way of dieting, grapes, bananas and nonfat milk as an alternative to diet.

Something less fun happens, the famine plague hit America, they no longer care about weight.

The years that went by, the 1920s, then the 1930s, things were happening, climate change, politics, culture and research could have an effect on the way that diets developed in society.

Awareness increases with scientific research, no wonder the Americans are introduced to nutritious foods that are better for body health.

Smoking habits can be avoided, people turn to healthier foods, such as fruits, vegetables and lean proteins that can be consumed daily without damaging the organs of the body.

Source: G Safira Taylor - CNN Indonesia, The Daily Meal
Image: Tomasz Sienicki via Wikipedia


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