Parisians Accuses Some Travelers Have Flea

They accept the fact that the tourists, especially from America has a lot of fleas

Street of Paris - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

Fleas on humans exists when for one reason or another perch and settle in the human body, who would have thought when flea (ticks or lice) are inside the person's body. This time it was thought the Parisians, that American tourists bring a lot of fleas.

Of course they freely issuing its opinion, citing the site Travel and Leisure on Sunday, April 16th, is recognized by most Parisians, when they accept the arrival of the tourists in their town.

Do not know how this can be started, as written on the site CNN Indonesia, today, the population of Paris is currently battling fleas attack, which crawled their occupancy, especially in the mattress.

I wonder who started it, hopefully this is just a joke, one of the parties accused of taking a lot of fleas is the American tourists.

Say an owner of a hotel in Paris, said that when they came under fire of fleas, known to American tourists definitely stay there before.

It becomes even more exciting, when they said it was not only in residential areas, the population of Paris said that the Disneyland Paris also seized a lot of fleas, because there a lot of American tourists who visit.

I do not guarantee this as the right thing, because there is no official study that states that American travelers actually brought fleas into Paris.

The site writes further, flea attack is justified by a property management company in Paris, RIVP. They say that every day people there must be shaking his bed to repel fleas.

They recognize that the appropriate data is held if 20 percent occupancy under management were attacked by fleas.

However, these things need clarification, not to worry for a visit to Paris, because there are many ways to avoid attacks fleas in the hotel. The best step you can do is to check the corners of the mattress before going to bed.

If you're not convinced, do the other steps, such as swatting with a warm wind from hair dryers.

Well, this is the most exciting stage, after a warm wind began popping the fleas, that's the time and just immediately lift the foot from the hotel. Look for another place to stay.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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