Admission Ticket to Disneyland Around the World

Fans who want to enjoy various rides playing in 6 theme parks of Disney’s around the world

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Disneyland is now scattered in various places and countries in the world, and there are 6 theme parks, which bring happiness to the family as well as to the closest friends.

It's hard to resist, when the fun of being with the family to a place and playground like the one offered by Disneyland, like a quote from KompasTravel, April 18th, people not only enjoy Disneyland but also find other places at Disney Resort and Walt Disney World Resort .

As in the review, the first Disneyland opened and of course the most favorite is the Walt Disney World Resort located in Orlando, Florida, United States.

However, it is now present in various places and other countries that offer the same playground. A theme parks that understands the will of its fans.

Now tourists from Europe, Asia can also enjoy it, for example spread across East Asia, namely Tokyo Disneyland located in Tokyo Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, and Shanghai Disney Resort in China mainland.

The tourists can feel a real sensation, when entering the vast, magnificent, complete, and quite unique theme parks when viewing hotels within the area, for example in Hong Kong, as well as free shuttle buses that depart every 10-15 minutes.

The joy that is not easily portrayed on the facial features of every visitor in the playground.

But you also need to prepare everything, including knowing how much the ticket price to be paid by visitors. As presented by the official website of Disney Parks, Tuesday, April 18th, the following list of Disneyland prices around the world.

1. Tokyo Disneyland, Japan

The price of 1 Day Passport for adults is 7,400 Yen (USD 68.80). Adolescents aged 12-17 are charged 6,400 Yen (USD 59.48) and children aged 4-11 years are charged 4,800 Yen (USD 44.61).

2. Shanghai Disney Resort, China

Price 1 Day Ticket for adults is 499 Yuan (USD 73.37) and children 375 Yuan (USD 55.14).

3. Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

For 1 Day Ticket, the price per adult is 589 Hong Kong dollars (USD 76.20). The children are 419 Hong Kong dollars (USD 54.61).

4. Disneyland Resort Paris, France

Disneyland Paris admission price is 61 Euro (USD 65.81) for adults and 55 Euro (USD 59.34) for children. Ticket prices can be more expensive, if you want to enter Walt Disney Studios Parks.

5. Disneyland Resort, California, USA

Disneyland Resort California is divided into two theme parks, namely Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park.

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If you want to get into Disneyland Park, the price of admission starts from 97 US dollars for adults. However, the price fluctuates depending on peak season and weekend.

6. Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida, USA

Walt Disney World Resort is divided into several amusement parks, including Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney's Animal Kingdom Park, and Waterpark.

Similar to Disneyland Resort, the price of admission in this place also fluctuate. The price starts from 99 US dollars for adults.

Tourists can decide what kind of holiday they want, the destination and the desired country. And, one day can be present on one of the above play rides.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Disney Parks
Image: L Priyanti - NY


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