"Black Insomnia" Become the World's Strongest Coffee

One cup of Black Insomnia contains 702 milligrams of caffeine, which would make the eyes awake all night

Black Insomnia - Image credit blackinsominasa

Healthy coffee can be a guide for anyone who wants to enjoy coffee as much as they want, but still within the limits tolerated by the human body. According to some agencies that have authority in health and coffee indeed provide appropriate boundaries.

Say you want to know in more detail, the International Food Information Council recommended that a person's caffeine consumption of 300 milligrams daily, while FDA 400 milligrams.

You can find out how a type of coffee has a very large levels, as reviewed by the site CNN Indonesia, April 6, one cup of Black Insomnia contains 702 milligrams of caffeine, this is indeed excessive levels.

In other words, Black Insomnia ranks inevitably coffee with the taste of the strongest in the world, even to shift the position previously occupied by Death Wish.

Something you need to know through virtual media, if you're tired of sleeping, apparently hashtag #SleepingIsCheating is indeed true.

This coffee is born with the aim to produce the most powerful flavor of the world, as recognition of its discoverer in 2016, a South African origin coffee lovers, Sean Kristafor. He tried it by choosing to use the strongest type of Robusta, and not kind of Arabica.

Tasted so bitter, as reviewed on the site Oddity Central, and lowered a little taste if it is to be consumed by the commercial public at a price of coffee beans per pack of 500 grams-one kilogram of about US$ 18 to US$ 38.

Coffee fan then enjoyed since June last year, Black Insomnia was initially only available in certain cafés in Cape Town, South Africa, but success quickly. No wonder in October spread to 22 countries in the world, and last month the US public can enjoy it through Amazon.

Sean Kristafor believe its coffee creations with the slogan as "the strongest coffee in the world", even according chromatographic testing laboratory based in Switzerland against other types of bitter coffee, caffeine has been shown to contain 17.5 grams per kilogram.

Caffeine Informer call this type of coffee is one of the most dangerous products and enough to make the heart beat (palpitations) for people with a low level of caffeine tolerance.

Black Insomnia does have a suggestion that makes insomnia.

Source: R Indra - CNN Indonesia, Oddity Central
Image: blackinsominasa - South Africa


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