Airports that Have the Best Food

The experience of a famous culinary hunter, Anthony Bourdain

Passengers at Changi Airport, Singapore - Image Credit M Kretyawan

Celebrity chéf Anthony Bourdain is known for his career in the culinary world, always attracting the attention of culinary enthusiasts from all over the world. His experiences are traveling to different countries, not just for traveling, but his unique passion for recognizing local culinary.

His travel experience mostly uses airplanes, so slowly but surely he recognizes the airports in the world specifically, quoting the site detikCom, April 28, so as to provide airport recommendations that have good food.

Continuing the previous article on this blog site, in an interview with The New York Times, April 26, readers know that he tends to avoid food in the flight, and prefer food at the airport.

"I am tragically accustomed to the offers that exist in almost every world airport."

Bourdain gave recommendations wherever the location of the airport he liked. "Maybe Changi Airport in Singapore has the best food, this place has a hawker center for employees who are open to the public."

Specifically for Bourdain, who likes vending outlets in Asian neighbors, he has always convinced Americans many times that they are the main inspiration for the food market he is making in New York.

Bourdain knew a special place at the airport, for example at Changi Airport, the airport staff's dining room or cafeteria, its location tucked away in a parking lot and at the end of a dull corridor. No wonder rarely peoples, let alone passengers who want to get there.

Nigiri-sushi and temaki at the upper right - Image credit Nesnad

It was reported on the CNN website last year that the airport cafeteria does not make tourists interested in eating there, it is also written on the site Food and Wine, April 26. Not so with Bourdain, the canteen provides food that can rival the quality at the airport food court at a low price.

Another recommended airport is the airport in Tokyo, you can find a sushi bar right near the gate that serves flights to America, he says the food here is good for an airport sushi booth.

"And, importantly, the airport in Tokyo has a Lawson store that provides a delicate egg salad sandwich that challenges logic and science with its delights and freshness Sandwiches are placed there near the temperature of the room for how much time on white bread wrapped in plastic, and I do not Year but why the sandwich is so good."

Source: Maya Safira - detikFood, Food and Wine, CNN, The New York Times
Image: M Kretyawan - S'pore, Nesnad via Wikipedia


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