A Girl Nearly Killed by Shark Attack in Florida

The girl bravely hit with her fist, so that the shark let go

Miramax Beach, Florida - Image credit Skye Marthaler

Shark attacks in Florida, also can occur anywhere, and certainly on the beach that are potentially harmful to the fish's presence. A moment of traveled that makes a girl nearly died when she was on the beach, around the Florida Beach, USA.

True some of the beaches in the world are always prone to shark attacks, as reported on the sites detikTravel, April 5, on Sunday, April 2, just happened shark attack on one of the visitors to the beach, as reported by local media WHAS11.

Even more news from Northwest Florida Daily writes, the shark attack was the fourth time that is documented in the local coastal area since 1882.

It was a bad day for a young girl, Caitlyn Taylor, 17, she never expected this to happen, when she was playing with her softball team friends, the waves had seemed calm, but somehow began, suddenly water turbulent sea, when they were playing with a cheerful.

The location is great, Sandestin Beach Resort and Hotel, has an aura of pleasant sea, but today was not lucky, ocean waves suddenly bring a shark that was swimming toward the shore, where Caitlyn Taylor and her friends were, the shark bit him ,

The shark bite - Image credit @cbt212 - Twitter

A painful bite, the leg was torn over 1.5 meters.

Tracey Taylor, Caitlyn's mother, explained the chronology of events.

"Caitlyn said when he turned around and saw the head of a shark comes along with the waves, he then swam back to the surface and he felt that the shark has bitten and pulled from below."

When she realized the shark bit, Caitlyn reflexively hit with fists head of the shark, the shark may be surprised then let go.

Caytlin immediately evacuated, doctors soon bring relief, she immediately operated with 100 stitches, and she survived without any deficiency.

Except astonishing and horrific experience. However, always be cautious when playing at the beach or sea.

Source: J Randy Prakoso - detikTravel, WHAS11, Northwest Florida Daily
Image: Skye Marthaler via Wikipedia, Caitlyn Taylor @cbt212 - Twitter


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