Are There Rules for Unloading Passengers by the Airlines?

As a result of the incident forced a passenger decline of United Airlines

Illustration. - Image Credit M Kretyawan

Passengers are dragged from the cabin will make the passengers feel disappointed, angry and all kinds of mixed feelings, especially when you're forced to. This will make increasing anger. As you read of many outstanding news lately, I read it at a glance, but somehow always appears similar news from other media. Finally I decided to read it more seriously.

As the news at the weekend, citing the site CNN Indonesia, today, incidents of forced reduction of passengers using the services of the airline United Airlines with the flight route 3411 from Chicago to Louisville. Furor all media in the world, and you need not be surprised by this incident.

The airlines that based in the United States was doing that, as written on the CNN site, solely because of excess air passengers, and has received a compensation offer of more than US $ 1,000.

It is repeatedly stated by spokesman of the airline to the journalists who asked it.

"Four passengers had to get off because there were four crew members who should be immediately dispatched to Louisville. Otherwise, there will be canceled flights."

You also know, of course many who wondered about rule by an airline passenger decline.

But. According to some information and references from other news, the airline is entitled to do so. Although, many do not know about the rules adopted by the US Department of Transportation.

Some things are interrelated, say airline ticket sales who continue to serve demand for tickets. The owner of the site, George Hobica, said that airlines often sell tickets with the number more, to cope with the level of occupancy.

It can not be avoided if the airline had to drop off passengers who have bought tickets, if the aircraft is considered an overload or a cabin crew and officials who should be immediately flown authorities.

US Department of Transportation set the rules, the airline must make an estimate of the passengers can be lowered.

You can look carefully, they are the parents with infant children, the elderly and the disabled, a passenger who became the last option to be lowered.

United Flight 3411 - Image Credit United Airlines @twitter

This is what makes 'the news', in case none of the passengers were off the plane by volunteer, the airline is entitled to force a passenger chooses to go down.

"Once the passengers unloaded, the airline will provide a replacement flight tickets and interesting vouchers."

Then Hobica added that the airline is still obliged to take care of the passengers.

In detail further in these rules, the unloaded passengers should not wait for the next flight for more than four hours.

If the time exceeds, the airline must compensate again, costing a minimum of two flight tickets owned by the passenger.

With all the explanations of the rules, should be able to create a mutual understanding of the airline and the passengers. Although was quite painful.

True, as said by the data from the US Department of Transportation throughout 2015 that as many as 46,000 passengers have been derived by force, but airlines analysts say should the case at United could have been avoided, as long as the security officer doing a better protocol.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, CNN
Image: M Kretyawan


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