Emirates Reduce Flight Schedule to United States

This Middle East airline plans to reduce their flight schedules

Emirates Boeing 777-200LR - Image Credit Emirates

A number of new aviation rules imposed by the new government in the United States seem to have a considerable impact on the aviation world, say as experienced by some Middle East airlines.

Of course they will consider several things, as quoted from the Reuters, the plan was declared by Dubai-based spokesman, Emirates, on Wednesday, April 19, 2017.

One of the policies applied by the United States government, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, April 20th, among others, the policy of prohibition of entry for citizens from ten countries from the Middle East, and another that can reduce the comfort of passengers is the prohibition of carrying electronic goods from nine countries also from the Middle East and Africa.

Through the considerations and obstacles that were later felt by their passengers, the Emirates spokesman said.

"The flight rules have caused our customers to cancel plans to travel to the US."

One of the things that immediately felt was the lack of airline ticket purchases to the US, they felt this in the last three months. Not only Emirates, maybe in the near future some other airlines in the region.

But specially for the Etihad Airways, claimed not to have the same plan. This was conveyed by a spokesman for the airline, saying there had been no significant drop in ticket purchases.

Indeed up to now Etihad still has flight schedules to six major cities in the US.

As for Qatar Airways, still keep their comments for a while.

As previously known, Emirates flies to as many as 12 major cities in the US. It must be admitted that they are very enthusiastic to develop a new flight route to America to be to as many as 15 major cities until 2018.

But all changed, since the new flight rules are set.

Maybe one day you see this airline no longer direct flights from Florida to Orlando, which is usually there every day, being just five days a week. Precise reduction of schedule will begin in May 2017.

Other aviation routes, such as from June this year, flights from Seattle and Boston are usually twice a day, being only once a day of the week.

And also apply to the flight schedule to Los Angeles as well, and will come into effect in July.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Reuters
Image: Emirates


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