The Millenials Always Choose "Instagrammable" Destinations

Exciting destinations according to their version in the decision to holiday

New York, one of the instagrammable destination - Image credit L Sianipar Siahaan

Instagrammable destinations such as being the magic word for those young people age, or more commonly called the millennial. Who knows what is in their minds, because it always refers to one or two friends recommendations on social media sites, such as Instagram.

Maybe they want to always be in a 'group', and if they do not follow the recommendation of a friend, there is a lack of confidence are beyond the buddy system, although only to the extent in social media.

For them everything is considered beautiful, citing KompasTravel site, April 10, is believed to influence the decision of the travelers in choosing vacation destinations.

As was done in the research by Schofields Insurance, 40.1 percent of respondents who are the millennial generation, selecting a vacation location that "Instagrammable".

This term is referring to social media users Instagram to mention places that can look 'pretty' (or cool) in Instagram. Thus they believe and think of it as beautiful in their Instagram.

UK survey involving 1,000 respondents aged 18 to 33 years, the results show that Instagram become their main motivation in deciding the holiday destination.

Something quite interesting, there are other things that also into consideration, in addition to Instagram, namely the availability and prices of alcoholic beverages contributed to the reason for the holiday.

Specifically, research is underway in the UK, and they are accustomed to drinking alcoholic beverages daily. There are 24 percent of the respondents revealed that these two things are their top priority in choosing a holiday destination.

While other things there are that can be delivered, such as the decision to seek of the self existence, self-development, or the like, they are as much as 22 percent of respondents in the search 'who they are'.

Other notes are not too big, but the research found that approximately 9.4 percent choosing holiday destinations that give them a chance to taste local food, and 3.9 percent of the respondents chose just for vacation destinations for a walk.

Whatever the results of such research, no one is certain of the millennial generation, they always had an interest of its own, unpredictable, and unique.

Source: Ni Luh Made Pertiwi F - KompasTravel,
Image: L Sianipar Siahaan


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