More Delicious Coffee with a Pinch of Salt

The latest trend of coffee enthusiasts who want to get a new flavor of coffee

Illustration - Image Credit Café Commercial

Coffee as a people lifestyle, especially for young people age, they are referred to as the millennial, productive aging and always wanted to create trends in their daily life in the big cities of the world.

Regardless of coffee as the drink is not striking ages, young and old, enjoyed coffee and always seek its own way to be able to enjoy it in their daily lives.

But. Say those who like coffee, citing the site CNN Indonesia, April 11, those who never cease to make the creation of various types of coffee. Further it is said that there is always a new type of coffee mix variants, triple venti soy latte with no foam to espresso, they always have a new way to enjoy caffeine as part of the lifestyle.

Well, you will increasingly feel left out how they found a new way, a new trend of people deliberately add salt to their coffee in order to enhance the flavor. You could say it's quite strange, but apparently can be explained scientifically.

They were doing other research, can then be read in the journal Nature, citing the site of The Independent, Monday, April 10, shows the sodium ions suppress the bitter taste and enhance the flavor of the coffee.

Would not you expect when adding a pinch of salt into a cup of coffee will soften the overall coffee flavor.

Trends are surprising, not 'the sweet' sugar, but a sprinkling of salt is equally in terms of conquering the excessive bitter taste in coffee. According to them, this is not the first time fans talk about rubbing salt drinks.

As has been stated by experts of wine, when they praised the greatness of salt because of its ability to soften and balance the taste of some wines that are cheap.

Even an expert in the field of information technology, Microsoft's former chief technology officer, Nathan Myhrvold, had already been initiated to add salt to the wine liquor.

As reported earlier when he did it on at a dinner party when he added a pinch of salt in a glass of Cabernet, one type of wine at the glass of another party guest. The present invention is able to improve the overall taste of the wine, the more favors.

Now, not only on wine beverages, the addition of salt has reached drink coffee, though maintained in a level that is not excessive.

Just a pinch of salt, it is enough.

Source: E Dwi Ratnasari - CNN Indonesia, The Independent
Image: Café Commercial - Madrid


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