World's Shortest International Flights Has Finish

Service flights on the St Gallen-Altenrhein Airport (Switzerland) to Friedrichshafen Airport (Germany)

People's Air - Image Credit Julian Herzog

The shortest flight route has been recognized by the world community that lasts a length of time in 8 minutes to reach the destination. Historical records of airline flight from Austria who did the shortest in the world.

Austrian People's Air Group, specifically People's Viennaline began the flight from St. Gallen-Altenrhein, Switzerland, to Friedrichshafen, Germany, as the quote from the site Travel+Leisure, and managed to break the previous world record, which is a 10 minute flight from Vienna to Bratislava, Slovakia.

As previously known distance between the two airports with the shortest route is only 20 kilometers, and passengers have enjoyed this trip since November 2016 scheduled flight twice a day.

Airline passengers who use the services of the People's Viennaline charged about 40 euros, although criticism of aircraft fuel is deemed not worth the travel time from the length of the flight.

But from the latest news, citing the site, Tuesday, April 11, the flight operations had to be closed officially since April 14, 2017.

Claus-Dieter Wern, Chief Executive Friedrichshafen Airport in an interview with People magazine, solely due to the interest of the passengers were severely lacking to take the service on the flight route.

Now they have to replace the planned flight services to a larger airport, which is in the city of Cologne, Germany.

According to the records in the aviation world, citing KompasTravel sites, flight service of airlines that serving these shortest routes, People's Viennaline understand the needs of some parts of local residents and also the tourists, though not significant demand. Apart the airline is also still serving the domestic route travel time less than that.

Then there are other airlines, such as the Scottish airline, Longanair operate the Westray - Papa Westray, the destination cities are located in the Orkney Islands, a distance of only 2.5 kilometers.

You can guess, airplanes only takes about 120 seconds, or two minutes. In fact, if the weather is fine, it's touted flight takes only 47 seconds.

Source: S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel,, Travel+Leisure
Image: Julian Herzog via


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