Facing Flight Delays at the Airport

Should know how to get around, when passengers suffered flight delays

Passengers at the check-in counter, illustration - Image credit J Tobing

Flight delays can be experienced by anyone, and can also cause any unexpected, say as experienced by the airline in the United States that a flight delay due to bad weather. But there are good expectations for the passengers, as the quote from the site CNN Indonesia, April 12, in order to avoid excessive feelings of disappointment, because this is not the end of the world.

Many ways to overcome this, citing the site Escape, illustration nice to spend time during flight delays.

1. Early morning flight

Based on the experience so far, an early morning flight the rarest flights were delayed because the aircraft usually have to spend the night at the airport and the weather is sunny.

When the passengers were on vacation or perhaps a business trip, then you should choose the earliest flight. Timeliness can reduce stress levels and also extended while in destination.

2. Information

Knowing as much as much important information related to aviation. Of course you need to be connected to the airline carrying the information center. Enroll in flight announcement services via short messages, telephone or mobile phone application notification, if provided.

The right information to make passengers come up with enough time to spare. Not too hasty with flight time. Another advantage for passengers who check-in early, usually preferred when flight delays.

3. Be friendly

Irritability and anger of the passengers due to flight delays. This is the time for you to overcome the panic situation, so as to control the emotions.

You certainly know when they, the workers, the staff at the airports experiencing the same thing, as exhausted overcome the bustle at the airport.

Always be as friendly as possible to them, the airport workers. Especially when you're on the way at the airport in Asia or the Middle East. The hospitality that you provide will help when you need their help.

4. Facility

You can check out the facilities that can be used to indulge airline passengers during a flight delay.

For example, at Singapore Changi Airport, provided the facilities for a walk in the park, swimming in a pool on the roof, also the movies.

Some other airports have a lounge area provide meals, Internet access and electricity for 24 hours. Even the lounge can be used as a place to lay down, resting without having rented a hotel room.

5. Packing

At times like this, you can bring items that are only used when you are at the airport terminal or airplane cabin, without the hassles of carrying a lot of stuff.

Perhaps the best option just carry battery chargers of your electronic equipment, and toiletries, while also providing cash and reading books.

6. Find friend

Flight delays can also be a chance to meet people from different countries. An annoying situation when a flight delay can be converted by looking around, and friendly greetings with other passengers who also experienced the same thing.

You can also use the friend finder application on mobile phones of yours. However, still be careful with luggage, and do not easily trust to provide something of value, such as money or jewelry, to strangers.

Whatever it is that happened when he was at the airport, including when you experience flight delays. Remain positive, though your heart is irritated. You can think of it as an event that is part of the experience on the trip.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Escape
Image: J Tobing - Sydney


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