Take a Walk on the Seine River Bank

The city government's new policy, now only be traversed by pedestrians

Seine River, Paris - Image credit R Rumambi

Leisure walk along the banks of the Seine River has become a reality that is most preferred by the citizens, as well as those of the tourists. Something that has always been the hope of the citizens of Paris has become a reality.

The exact steps of the policy of the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, as the quote from the site Travel and Leisure on Thursday, April 6, received a positive response from the citizens of the city with a new rule that states that motor vehicles are prohibited from passing on the right side of the Seine.

When you walk along the shore of the river along 3.3 kilometers, it will feel comfortable when there is no disturbance of any vehicle or means of transportation there, the other reviews on the site CNN Indonesia, today, pedestrians can now perform a variety of interesting activities, ranging from sports , read a book, to a picnic.

Naturally consideration has been done well, in addition to pampering the pedestrians, Hidalgo makes these rules also to reduce the levels of pollution in Paris.

Riverboat of Seine, Paris - Image credit R Rumambi

She explained the current policy inaugurated a new park on the right side of the Seine.

"We have been dreaming of this for 15 years. Currently, all pedestrians can pass comfortably."

Paris had experienced an issue with pollution caused by passing motor vehicle diesel engine.

As known levels of pollution in Paris had reached its worst level, so that the city government began to devise a rule to make the car-free area.

Hidalgo has received criticism, the owners of motor vehicles, especially people who daily use of cars and motorcycles. Of course the reason, among others, free zone motor vehicle in the middle of the city, even making long commutes in the suburbs.

Not only the residents of the city, even 168 mayors around Paris asking Hidalgo to change the rules that began in October 2016.

River Cruise, Seine - Image credit R Rumambi

A mayor of the city around Paris, for example, to give a message to Hidalgo.

"Many residents in the suburb began to be stuck in traffic, they have to drive longer to get to its destination."

It seems Anne Hidalgo understand the policy direction in the long term, for the future and its inhabitants.

"We are not anti motorists, we anti-pollution. Long live the life, long live Paris, long live clean water!"

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: R Rumambi


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