Viral, Steward Soothing Baby on Plane

Crowded discussed by netizens on social media sites Facebook and get "like" and "share" thousands of times

Steward succeeded in calming a baby crying on the plane - Image credit "Love What Matters"

The duties of stewards and stewardesses in their task in the plane in flight there is a lot of variety, of course, not merely to serve passengers in transit, but also other things that might not have peoples think.

They, the cabin crew is always looks busy, a great responsibility to bring the mission and vision of the airline on which they work, the best service that can be given.

Perhaps there is always a fascinating story in any of their journey, as reviewed in detikTravel site, April 4, the place where the story happens, viral happens of the steward story which succeeded in calming a baby crying on the plane.

Someone posting stories and photos by a netizen named Carrie Jaboor via 'Love What Matters' pages, and immediately got a tremendous response from the netizens.

You can see how the crowd is happening on Facebook page 'Love What Matters', Tuesday, April 4, and was a picture of a steward who was holding a small hand in the rear cabin of the aircraft.

Small hand other than are the small hand of a little baby girl.

Through the photo caption explanation, told of a mother who was carrying a baby girl aged two years in a flight. But. You'll know if the mother has difficulty to soothe the baby on that flight.

The baby does not care about her, she seemed uncomfortable with the situation in the cabin, and immediately spilling anger at will, so the hubbub present there.

The mother is getting restless and bothered, and finally a flight attendant offered to help, the steward who are known to work at Southwest Airlines plane is actually over and offer solutions.

Even the mother does not have time to ask the name of the steward, he took the mother and baby to the back of the aircraft cabin. Then playfully started the action, he blows soap bubble and entertain the little baby.

Unexpected by the mother, the little baby interested in seeing bubbles floating around her, she stopped crying and laughing.

The mother moved by the kindness of the steward, and then she wept.

Posts caption on Love What Matters pages, "Really there are good people in this world."

Something that looked small, but meaningful and an inspiration.

Source: J Randy Prakoso - detikTravel, Southwest Airlines
Image: Carrie Jaboor - Love What Matters Pages/Facebook


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