Music in Restaurant Making You Fat

Music served as a special psychological strategy that which is often done by them, the restaurateur

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The music in the restaurant is to make customers feel more comfortable, proven to make guests always want more time, and then as expected by the manager of the restaurant in order to continue ordering other foods offered at the special moment.

You often find themselves how they do a lot of ways, such the reviews on CNN Indonesia, March 29, dimming the lights, spread seasonal menu, and others such as playing songs of easy listening music.

There have been studies about it, as reviewed in Quartz sites, released that as a special psychological strategy that made by the restaurateur in order to increase sales, and they find 'the right music' is one of them.

You're listening to soft music in the cafes and restaurants not just to make you feel relaxed and comfortable, actually happens is the music in the restaurant turned out to be a big effect on your appetite.

Presented by Soundtrack Your Brand, a startup company that is music backed up by Spotify released a study on this subject, via a poll on 2,101 customers and learn about 1.8 million unique transactions at 16 locations in the restaurant.

They set four restaurants, where one restaurant is set by the 1000 mix of songs that are less known but still in keeping with the restaurant, the restaurant with music from Spotify popular songs and in line with the image of the restaurant, the choice of songs at random, and no music together once.

The study found that the music fit with the image of the restaurant was found to increase sales, including when guests order dessert.

No wonder also if the guests are happy to linger in the restaurant, it is desired by the restaurant. You know the effect is the consumers who can not control appetite, will result in excessive food consumption and ultimately fat.

They, the researchers found something different, 'the mainstream music' could actually reduce sales, especially when it is not in line with the theme of the restaurant, the better no music at all.

Ola Sars, co founder Soundtrack Your Brand says, "The subconscious is very important."

She added that the perfect music will involve a person's emotional subtly, and customers 'refuse' to hear songs that are popular because they may think that it is too intrusive.

Now becoming more clear, specific things in the restaurant business, approaching the subconscious of consumers through music that stirs their emotions. And make them eat more.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Quartz
Image: JBJ Resto


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