Favorite Foods and Beverages of the Queen Elizabeth

The taste of the queen of England seems casual and not so special

Balmoral Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland - Image Credit Stuart Yeates from Oxford, UK

Food labels wanted by the number one in the UK are not too difficult to find, even for the British people can find it in various department stores. Regardless of the privilege possessed by the queen, it is not always in line with her taste for food.

Favorite food and drink by the Queen Elizabeth, citing the CNN Indonesia site, April 29, varies into daily dishes, such as spicy tabasco sauce to Coca-Cola soda.

According to other sites, The Daily Mail, some food labels have even pocketed a royal warrant. But when you can see how the queen's tastes are, they are ordinary and not so special.

Benefits for companies that obtain a royal seal, are generally seen as a hallmark of the company's superiority. For example, on Thursday, April 27, the Walkers label has been awarded a second seal of bread delivery approval for the queen.

All right, you can now find out other foods and drinks in Buckingham Palace kitchen.


Her favorite food is a cookie biscuit made by the chéf, although everyday the queen loves chocolate bars.

Certain chocolate types are labeled Prestat and Charbonel et Walker, with its most famous pink truffle Marc de Champagne. Queen avoids chocolate labeled luxury.

While Cadbury gave the queen of black chocolate with a special recipe during Christmas. Chocolate that is part of Dairy Milk chocolate and Cadbury hot chocolate cups.

You'll also find out if the queen loves Kit Kats, Quality Street and Rolos from Nestle's company.


Drinks labeled the royal seal, about 7 champagne makers, one of them, Bollinger since 1884 given by Queen Victoria.

In addition to Bollinger, there are Louis Roederer, krug, GH Mumm & CIE, Moet & Chandon, Lanson Pere et Fils and Veuve Clicquot.


The Queen also likes Schweppes-made tonic drinks. In addition there are still sodas, such as Lucozade and Coca Cola also pocketed a royal seal.


Favorite alcoholic drinks from the queen, including Dubonnet before lunch. There are still products from the company of Tanqueray Gordon & Co making gin for the queen, although there has been no official news, if the queen tends to choose one label.

Biscuits, Cakes and Cereals

The habit of Queen Elizabeth every summer at Balmoral's castle in Scotland, so Walkers, a company of Scottish families obtained a royal seal for bakery products and oatmeal cookies.

Every morning, the breakfast queen with a menu of Special K, a product of the Kellogg company, also another option, the Weetabix.

Mr Kipling, a product of Premier Food company, made a special cake to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday last year.

Well, if you know the queen's favorite foods and drinks, there's a point when it's easy to find in the various food and beverage stores in your town.

Source: E Dwi Ratnasari - CNN Indonesia, The Daily Mail
Image: Stuart Yeates from Oxford, UK via Wikipedia


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