Think Like a Fugitive for Safe Travel

An interesting idea based on Anthony Bourdain, always has a way of thinking like a fugitive

Bourdain with Peabody Award - Image Credit Peabody Awards

Traveling safely may be one of the reasons when you want to travel to another country, certainly for the purpose of traveling. Anthony Bourdain has his own reasons in traveling, for security matters, he always has a way of thinking like a fugitive.

He always packed his luggage, citing the site CNN Indonesia, April 27, as little as possible, certainly the reason for making it easy to move as long as possible.

Bourdain is very well known in the culinary world, he is also a television travel show host, 'Parts of Unknown', in an interview with the New York Times as reported on Thursday, April 27, says that the most important of course clothes, and always carry five items mandatory, ie thin jacket, note book, jiu-jitsu uniform, reading book and a folding knife.

Of course there is a reason, a thin jacket in addition to protect the body from cold air also made it as a substitute for the pillow, when having to wait long somewhere.

"I always bring a thin jacket, which is not too big when folded in a suitcase. The jacket I can roll and make a pillow."

On the way he always wrote in his notebook, as well as do not miss the reading book, generally themed fiction to get inspiration.

"At least I brought a book. I'm more comfortable reading books in physical form. Fiction themes, especially those from the region that I've been in, are very interesting to read."

He continued. "Such books give more information than tourist guides. For example, when I went to Vietnam, I read Graham Greene's 'The Quiet American' book."

Jiu-jitsu uniform is useful because he often practiced physically with the martial arts. No wonder he can carry up to three pieces of uniform on a journey, say one is being washed at the hotel or for any other reason.

Well, on security matters, he's carrying a folding knife, shaped like a credit card. And can be tucked into the wallet.

"This folding knife is not the most powerful weapon, but it is useful enough to arm yourself when someone suddenly makes a hole."

He has a taste similar to Gordon Ramsay, the famous chéf, Bourdain never eats food on the plane. Better hungry and choose to eat after arriving at destination airport.

"Singapore and Tokyo airports have a good variety of eating places. Lawson Minimarket can also be an option. There's a nice sandwich there. Though I do not know how long the sandwich was on display, it makes more sense than the plane menu."

Special tips from him when you're at the airport, especially the annoyance when security checks are getting tighter these days.

He says, think like a fugitive, who wants to get away from security to get on a plane. So, do not carry or do anything that can impede yourself when through the stages of security checks at the airport.

"I never brought a liquid-shaped item in the bag that I brought into the cabin of the plane. I also do not wear jewelry, belts and watches when passing the airport checks."

Bourdain is aware of something like this.

"Do not be emotional and make a drama. It will not make any changes to the situation. Follow all the rules. Think like a fugitive who wants to get away from pursuit."

He's right!

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, The New York Times
Image: Peabody Awards 2014


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