Rabbits and Easter Eggs

Understanding the Passover festivities that were always synonymous with rabbits and eggs

The Easter eggs - Image Credit R Rumambi

Jesus' resurrection on the third day after the crucifixion is always celebrated every year, and was greeted with a very special feeling towards the situation in commemorating the death of Jesus.

For the life of a Christian is always celebrated with a festive bunny and Easter eggs. Even in some countries in Asia that are part of the population is Christian, citing the site CNN Indonesia, April 15, associated with decorative egg hunt revelry.

You can imagine the excitement for the children after they followed the dawn worship, scattered and hidden eggs, and the eggs were sought after by children.

But. Specific understanding as Christians, Easter eggs means the empty tomb, and at first, painted in red to symbolize the blood of Jesus on the Cross.

Now all naturally adjust to their communities, this Easter eggs began decorated with a variety of creativity, there is even a community who pursue the art of decorating Easter eggs.

It is becoming increasingly attractive, one such popular, citing the Mirror UK, design Easter eggs hottest ever undertaken by a jewelry designer from Russia, Peter Carl Fabergé, who created a fancy egg as a reward for the Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II.

You'll know why Easter eggs are hunted as a tradition, the book Festivals and Celebrations wrote, that there is a habit of the ancient Egyptians and Persians who decorate eggs and exchanged among their friends.

Rowland Purton who wrote the book acknowledges that.

"Christians of Mesopotamia arguably be the pioneer tradition of distributing eggs as a memorial of Jesus' resurrection."

Widely in many countries recognized that the egg as a symbol of the birth and resurrection, two symbols are identical to the message of Easter. The tradition of the churches since the second century, the egg became the most popular symbol.

Likewise, it is known that eggs represent spring, the relief of people who have been through the winter and start a new life in the new season.

Well, in addition to eggs, Easter festivities in the celebration are also identical to the rabbit.

The Green Easter egg in Laguna Niguel, California - Image Credit Purnama Simanjuntak

As written in the "History Channel," outlining why rabbits has always been associated with Easter, rabbit was known as an ancient symbol of fertility and the beginning of a new life. From this and understanding arise, that rabbit as a symbol of resurrection in Easter celebrations.

Apart there is more understanding, rabbits associated with traditional spring festival held islands maritime countries in Europe such as the UK and Ireland.

Symbol of the spring goddess named Goddess Eastre was a rabbit.

Now try to move on to the US mainland, as written on the site, customs of German immigrants who living in Pennsylvania in the 1700s, as was done in their home countries. According to those rabbit is a store of eggs called 'Osterhase' or 'Oschter Haws.'

Happy Easter!

Source: Syanne Susita - CNN Indonesia, Mirror UK, History Channel
Image: R Rumambi - Giethorn, Purnama Simanjuntak - Dana Point, California, USA


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