American Tourists Love Local Culinary

Especially young tourists ages who like a lot of new things, including tasting the culinary

Gado-gado, Indonesia culinary - Image Credit R Setiawati

Traveling among the millennials has become part of their duty, they do have specific advantages, ie young age, always want to find new things, find new places and other things that might not happen among the more mature.

But the real impact is exciting fun for the tourism industry, according to a review on the CNN Indonesia, April 28, despite the issue of terrorism threats and declining exchange rates in some countries.

There are always new ideas from them, they travel, take pictures, party and stay overnight. Even a new trend is to taste the local culinary.

Let's take a sample from a study of automotive industry associations in the United States (US), AAA, more than 22 million young tourists from the land of Uncle Sam claimed to always culinary tour when coming to a new destination.

Some of them, indeed have a penchant for travel with the intention of culinary travel.

Increasingly reinforced in the study, if young US tourists increasingly often look for travel packages that provide culinary tour programs.

Bryan Shilling, the AAA Director said in a quote on the site Travelers Today on Friday, April 28, that young people love local culinary, making it easier to get to know the culture of the new region he explores.

"Young tourists usually spend as much as US $ 63 per person for a culinary tour. They also began to provide special funds to experience the experience. It's very potential to be developed."

That is the case, travel is not just a natural scenery, ancient buildings or anything else, but a culinary tourist attraction. You can tell if these countries always attracted solely because of their culinary appeal, such as Spain, France and Italy.

Durians fruit - Image Credit JF Tamaela

As you can look over Asia, there are a lot of exotic culinary that you would not expect since you were born, and you can imagine before.

Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam, are some Asian countries with culinary tours that are considered impressive for young people.

Try to see from the reviews on the site CNN, they write about the richness of Indonesian culinary, and become the object of longing to be enjoyed, such as soto, sate, fried rice, gado-gado, uduk rice, Padang rice, chicken porridge, even durian fruit.

They, young people tend to adventure, and do not care about the appearance of a local snack, Nat, one of the tourists from the United States who are visiting Jakarta admit it.

"I may tend to be desperate, out of curiosity. Like when I tasted durian, I was only able to enjoy it in one bite. After that, I upload the durian for my Instagram and give it to another friend to try it out."

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, CNN, Travelers Today
Image: R Setiawati, JF Tamaela


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