Red Candy Always Being Coveted

Red candy has always been a first choice rather than the candy with other colors

Sweet candy at a souq in Damascus - Image credit Elisa Azzali

Sweet candy will be favored by children, even all ages will love it. Colorful candy dish will make it attract attention and hunted by many people. Even you have seen the candy-colored, red, yellow, blue, and green will make increased appetite.

Say you were passing a row of shops in a shopping center, such as the review of a site CNN Indonesia, April 7, stores that offer a variety of toys childhood, then clothing stores, and soon you'll find a colorful candy store.

There would be no surprise if the children would stop for a moment, a special moment for them, just enjoy the colorful candy tempting flavors.

When they are interested in, and buy it, enjoy a pack of gum, now pay attention, of all the candy colors mixed in one pack, red is the color most often chosen to be eaten first.

Do you ever think, why the red colored candy looks more tempting than the other colors?

Apparently this is a good symptom, quoting a Real Simple website, you are not alone if you feel like this.

All right, you can look for a good reference of the experts, according to a professor of psychology at the University of Oxford reveals that in fact the 'fixing' the color red as the color of tempting food has been 'determined' in the human subconscious.

Kompeitō is a traditional Japanese sugar candy - Image credit Midori

They are the experts say, a presumption that has been going on since the time of a very long, long time ago.

"The fruit changed from unripe fruit becomes ripe. The color also changes from green so rosy that indicates they are ripe and has a sweet taste."

I think you will-agreed when the color red always gives a sense of interest in advance, understanding of the link between red color with sweet taste is also ongoing.

And the human subconscious continues to assume that the color red is always sweet.

But. You can see the reality of the matter. As said by a study that simply adding red food coloring, then the food will taste sweeter 10 percent.

It is a fact for most people everywhere.

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Real Simple
Image: Wikipedia


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