Staying at the Hotel Improves Intimacy

Can be an option to perpetuate the relationship

Street of Paris, illustration - Image Credit M Paath Djojonegoro

The choice to stay in the hotel is a variety of ways that guests can do, solely for the sake of sleeping or being with someone. But. The choice to stay at the hotel can help in improving the quality of the bed affairs.

Say for couples who already have a long relationship, there may be a sense of saturation, especially for married couples. Quoting a review on the site CNN Indonesia, today, staying at a hotel can provide free time together, improve communication, and even to perpetuate relationships.

Maybe you can give a different opinion, say so, quoted from Travel and Leisure on Thursday, April 27, wrote that from a study, if couples who often vacation together tend to have a more lasting relationship.

You know if the eternity that is gained, gives something unexpected, ie the affair of sex, it can be said the atmosphere inside the hotel supports it.

They, there are two researchers with a background of psychology, Ian Kerner and Amy Muise, has a number of reasons why the bed affairs can be resolved well when couples stay at the hotel.

The atmosphere around the hotel, something new for couples, they believe the levels of dopamine in the body increases, which is a compound in the brain that controls feelings of pleasure and joy.

In addition, the atmosphere in the hotel takes them, couples free from boring routines, so that each other's feelings become more relaxed. The mind is more open, and the intimate romantic activities become more interesting to do.

The third reason is a clean and tidy hotel room also makes couples more comfortable together in a long time, without having to interfere with the schedule to sweep the room or make the bed.

This is the key, togetherness becomes a moment to exchange ideas, solve problems that have been a barrier in relationships.

Now you can open your mind, if the honeymoon is not only owned by a newly married couple.

But. You should be able to choose a hotel (even a hotel in your city!), that free of traffic jams and adequate facilities. Allows you and your spouse to experience a memorable 'honeymoon'.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Travel and Leisure
Image: M Paath Djojonegoro


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