British Red Telephone Box Become The Café

Most have been changed into service in accordance with the needs of urban communities

British Red Telephone Box - Image credit P Djayasupena

Icons of London or other cities in the UK and even up into the countryside, red public telephone box has changed over the integrity of the times, some changed function, distinctive shaped buildings are very well known by the citizens and tourists.

This building has indeed been long attached subconscious anyone who is in London, for example, a box-shaped building with glass windows, roof like a dome and the crown at the top of a very popular part of British pop culture, and stick in the public memory.

As featured in CNN Indonesia's website, April 4, the urban community in mainland Britain know it after Giles Gilbert Scott design won the design competition in 1924.

If you can tell me, who is still using a public phone right now? Despite it, said Nigel Linge, Professor of Telecommunications at the University of Salford and the author of "The British Phonebox", this is a work of aesthetics and imagination inherent in every person, he said on the CNN website.

"The Boks are very different, dramatically in the street, and the windows, roof and striking colors of red."

Well, maybe you want to know how this story turns red telephone box function.


British Telecom introduced the program adopt a kiosk on the red public telephone box, citizens and businessmen offered to buy for less than US$ 2 and give them the freedom to do with.

Café or coffee shop

Someone who is self-employed, Umar Khalid transform public telephone box at Hampstead Heath into a café called Café Barako and a favorite in Instagram and Facebook sites.

Internet cafés

Sarah Parker, a resident of the city making it the smallest internet cafés in Scotland, precisely in Ballogie, Cairngorms National Park border. She connects WiFi from the gallery to the phone booth, has also become a point of points for the locals to gather.

Mini Library

Residents in the south of London, made a mini library, named Lewisham Micro Library. Susan Bennett, the librarian, said the library can be used by anyone and met other foreigners in the same place.


Interesting idea of ​​Lorna Moore, she changed the phone booth into Pod Works, working space for pedestrians and tourists. Anyone can utilize the equipment in it as a member and receive access codes. Equipment there, including printers, computers and power bank and a coffee maker.

In the end times have changed, even so, this box can still be used in the concept of present.

As performed by British Telecom with their themed services "Links Stall", in the form of information and advertising services, WiFi and World Pay Phones service.

Source: R Indra - CNN Indonesian, CNN
Image: P Djayasupena - London


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