Cats Hotel with Five Star Facility

CatZonia Hotel in Malaysia has been established to serve the needs of fans of cats

Catzonia Hotel - Image credit Catzonia

Cat care in major cities of the world seems to begin the attention of the hotel manager who made a specialization in the field of cat care. The market of fans of cats began to be seen in the big cities of the world, given the uniqueness of the pet to humans at this time other than pet dogs, of course.

Cat owner is able to recognize their pets, as reviewed on the site CNN Indonesia, March 4, especially those who are traveling to another country, then they should leave its beloved pets.

Sure enough there own way to take care of, for example, assign someone who is entrusted to care for pet cat is a close relative, but the attention given will not be the same as the owner.

Without much news before, now in Malaysia has established a special hotel for a cat named CatZonia.

I think they are the owners of the cat will be happy, no need to worry anymore for traveling, because CatZonia just like a 'hotel' for a cat with five-star amenities, such as reviews on the site RocketNews 24, CatZonia refers to itself as 'the first five star hotel for cats'.

Conceivably if rooms provided will be comfortable for the cat, even the hotel also provides a number of top class care for cats. It is also, according to observers of the cat, the cat is an animal that is notoriously hard to please.

As noted further in the site, mentioned the various facilities that will get the cat such as lodging, spa/treatment, and the cat marriage service.

No need to wonder with all the facilities provided, there is a luxury hotel package that can accommodate 10 cats with three big mattress, playground, three dining with special feed, play time with the staff.

Cat owners really feel comfortable with the services provided, as provided live video for 24 hours, so that they can make sure the cat is in good condition and well maintained.

But. The owners need to prepare a maintenance budget by 99 Malaysian ringgit, or about $23 thousand per night, even to get a place there. They need to make reservations in advance, in order to 'stay' there.

Source: E Dwi Ratnasari - CNN Indonesia, RocketNews 24
Image: Catzonia Hotel - Malaysia


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