Macau, Hong Kong's Beautiful Neighbor

The neighboring urban areas are starting to intensively promote tourism

Senado Square, Macau - Image Credit Hanna Yohana

It's not just Hongkong or Beijing that has the attraction of tourism in the cities of the region, but you'll know there's still Macau with its own characteristics, which can give its own charm to the world's tourists. But still many of the tourists are wondering, what is Macau like?

As quoted from CNN Indonesia website, April 26, that Hong Kong is able to attract tourists as much as 56.6 million tourists during 2016, while Beijing has been visited by 285 million tourists.

Macau has its own charm, nine areas that also have tourism potential just as special as Hong Kong. Tourists can visit the exotic areas of Macau, Guangdong, Guanxi, Pingtan, Qingyuan, Shenzen, Zhongshan, Zhuhai and Nansha.

Betty Fok Wai Lan, Head of Tourism Destination Section of Macau, MGTO, in a press conference in Jakarta, told about the power of Macau tourism.

"More and more tourists who love to travel to many destinations when coming to an area. That potential we try to develop through this joint marketing."

Macau is indeed able to attract the presence of about 30 million tourists throughout the year 2016, able to provide comfort for tourists to many destinations, including the matter of visa and direct flight arrangements.

They provide easy service for tourists to go to other tourist sites that are characterized by historical tours in Guangdong and Shenzen.

St Paul Church, Macau

The Casino - Image Credit Hanna Yohana

"Macau is like a link to Hong Kong and neighboring provinces like Guangdong, Guangxi and Fujian. Our hope, tourists not only visit Hong Kong, but also the region 'neighbors'."

Let's say you are in Hong Kong, so the usual sight is to see it as an Asian city with urban life, many see young tourists passing by, and no wonder if they love to do selfie with the backdrop of tourist attraction.

But. Macau does not want to relax with its neighbors charm, they are trying to attract tourists with its uniqueness, historic Portuguese heritage attractions, can even play to the casino, just like in Las Vegas.

You can feel different charms, for example, try a specific culinary with local flavors, a typical Portuguese wine presentation, and try the full-braised duck meat menu along with its blood in Pato de Cabidela.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, Macau MGTO
Image: Hanna Yohana - HK


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