Airlines in Vietnam with Bikini Stewardess

Unique uniforms of Vietjet Air stewardess with two-piece bikini

The Stewardess - Image credit Vietjet Aviation JSC

Bikini stewardess has become the only airline in the world to be a special appeal for passengers, especially those with airlines in Asia and the surrounding area, such as the route from Vietnam to Malaysia, Singapore, and other international routes.

It comes with fresh ideas but controversial from its owner, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, the richest woman in Vietnam which has 95% stake in Vietjet Air, such as the news coverage on the site detikWolipop, April 5, a billionaire woman of Vietnamese origin, who do business in the field of aviation with their flight attendant wearing a bikini.

She present it in an interview with Forbes, Wednesday, April 5, about her ideas in business.

"We have a right to use any clothing that we like, ranging from bikini to traditional dress Ao Dai."

She knew the attention of public service users are now turning on her airline flights Vietjet Air.

"We have no problem if people consider this famous airline only because a bikini. If this can make people happy, then we are also happy."

But. Can you imagine what happens during the flight, passengers say the men, probably throughout the flight would choose not to sleep and just stared at them, the stewardesses.

Undoubtedly, different sensations when on a plane, and it is a distinct feature of the owner of the airline at an affordable price.

According to news obtained from other sites, Vietjet Air carrier is the airline that is a private aircraft, and passengers will be accompanied by beautiful and sexy flight attendants, they will fly to attractive locations destinations that has a beach.

The stewardess in the cabin - Image credit Vietjet Aviation JSC

Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao has thought of many things, of course, the business side, then figuring out how to empower women.

One thing that makes the passengers will be impressed are, they the flight attendants were very special with high body and a flat stomach, the atmosphere will be lively with a smile of red lipstick and long hair loose.

All will look beautiful in the air and while in the aircraft cabin.

You'd love to see bikini uniforms used by flight attendants in accordance with VietJet distinctive colors, red and yellow color combination. It would be a great trip!

Source: Kiki Oktaviani - detikWolipop, Forbes
Image: Vietjet Aviation JSC - Vietnam


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