Chocolate eggs for Easter Snacks

In addition to celebrating with Easter bunny, the eggs are a major complement

The Easter chocolates eggs - Image Credit Ethel M Chocolates @IG

There is a lot Easter culinary variety, but it will be incomplete when there is no presence of rabbits and Easter eggs. That's how it became a tradition in many countries, when they enter the spring, especially the eggs are always identical as a symbol of new life.

Easter for children also is awaited moment, when they hunt for Easter eggs scattered and hidden in various corners of the church, after they do worship at dawn.

It would be interesting to accompany moments of Easter with a presence in the culinary creators, such as reviews in the site CNN Indonesia, April 11, Easter eggs can be served in many ways.

This time culinary producer, especially the sweet chocolate from the United States, and has been established for 36 years, Ethel M Chocolates creations in making beautiful colorful eggs.

Can you imagine the sensation that happens, children will love, even I'm sure their parents will appreciate, citing the site of The Daily Meal, when the manufacturer launched a chocolate egg as welcoming of spring and Easter.

Faces of surprise, the grain of the two flavors of the chocolate, the chocolate egg containing a strawberry and bitter chocolate eggs with raspberry cream in it.

They know the taste of a chocolate lover, especially in the right moment of Easter, Ethel M Chocolates also wrap it with appropriate packaging in the form of Easter eggs. And on each package can contain as many as seven chocolate, even some that are made in a circular packaging in the amount of 12 pieces.

You will know who the creator of these eggs?

Forrest Mars, the man behind the manufacture of chocolate was deliberately launched its latest product as a tribute to his mother named Ethel.

Maybe this time only in the United States, do not be discouraged, a day will come this Easter eggs in your town. While the American public can begin to enjoy the works of Mars since the 15th and 16th April.

They prepared a great show for visitors to come and get a chance to see the factory and cactus garden in the town of Henderson. Not only that, among other events, such as face painting, balloons, and draw an Easter bunny.

Easter silence, but became so lively on the Ethel M Chocolates that will act as host for the Easter Weekend spring in Nevada.

Source: G Safira Taylor - CNN Indonesia, The Daily Meal
Image: Ethel M Chocolates - Instagram


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