Anthony Bourdain Launches His Travel Site

He collaborated with CNN, and Roads&Kingdoms with broad-themed sites, not just about culinary

Bourdain with Fmr. President Obama in Hanoi - Image credit Anthony Bourdain Pages

Culinary and Bourdain always fill a lot of news in the mainstream media, but it was not always like that notion actually, now you can see something, Bourdain now release sites that make fans may feel differently.

Especially for those who ever watched the show 'Parts Unknown', every Sunday, now is not just a story about the culinary, such reviews on the site CNN Indonesia, April 7, because now they can enjoy the attractions and sights of the city who ever visited.

Bourdain is always hunting culinary in various places in the world, but through the journey, he got the personal experience of many attractions that then knew the way.

Perhaps many have given his exciting journey in Hanoi, Vietnam together with Fmr. Presiden Obama, they had talked and ate distinctive food, namely Bún chá.

He wanted to introduce all, share the journey, and through the travel sites, contain a number of travel guides, ranging from Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, North America to South America.

As he says in the CNN website. "Readers can mimic how Tony traveling, ranging from tourist destinations, then until he found a local place to eat."

He's a great cook, then fame has been achieved through his food-themed events, and do not stop there, the presence of these tourist travel sites can fulfill many of his vision.

Perhaps you can visit the "Explore Parts Unknown", because the grain can you like according to the theme, in addition to articles of travel, then visitors can view photographs and videos of Bourdain trip.

Nowadays you can read on the site through the channel of choice, for example Eat, Drink, Know or Go.

Summary of his trip to Madagascar, Senegal, Hanoi, Korea, Manila, Punjab, London, Rome, Greek Islands, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Colombia, New Jersey, Montana, Las Vegas and Korean Town in Los Angeles.

Some articles will attract the attention of readers, you can do a search for "city", will show results in the form of Bourdain's Field Notes, summarizing Bourdain traveling in that city.

Anyone who likes travel, weekly notes (updated every Thursday) from Bourdain travel stories can be a good dish.

Source: Ardita Mustafa - CNN Indonesia, CNN
Image: Anthony Bourdain Pages


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