Lau, The Author Message of Fortune Cookies

Known by many, Donald Lau will soon retire from his 30 years of job

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The writings on the cake, otherwise known as a special cake called by many, fortune cookies, before eating the cake, you will read the writings of a short, beautiful words of inspiration carrier, even bring unexpected luck.

Here it was, so is written in a life style website, March 15th, part of which you would like, the most fun while eating a fortune cookie.

But these short writings do not come just like that, but is managed by a special writer, Donald Lau, a mix of Japanese-American men is one of the well-known writer in American fortune cookies.

He has worked so long, you will be fascinated by all the work himself, when he wrote the messages and words of wisdom in a fortune cookies for 30 years.

Nothing lasts forever, except change itself, a special case made by this author should hang his pen.

I read a source, as reviewed in Time Magazine quoted from the Huffington Post, he had wanted to retire and find a successor, and has educated his successor, James Wong for over six months.

"I should have written 100 cakes a year, but I only wrote two or three times a month in recent years."

His long history in the company Wonton Food Inc., a noodles firm, wrappers, and the largest fortune cookies in America, where he became a head writer of fortune cookies.

Starting his career as a writer of fortune cookies in the company, because he among others, English is considered the most good.

"I think it was fate."

He even served as a chief financial staff, and will continue re-employment in this field, if he did not write again.

Open fortune cookies - Image credit Lorax

A remarkable achievement, when they produce 4 million fortune cookies a day, and wrote during the last 30 years, all the messages inserted in the cookies.

You're going to open a crispy pastry semicircular, a small sheet of paper with a brief message appeared, and Lau hoped the sentence he wrote to make people smile.

"When people eat their own fortune cookies, I wish them luck open, read and maybe laugh, then left the restaurant feeling good, so they will come back again in the next week."

Source: C Andhika Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Time Magazine, Huffington Post
Image: Wikipedia


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