Accessing Free WiFi in Tourist Spot? Watch Out!

The world's major cities provide for its citizens and tourists

Using wifi at a tourist spot has become something common, even when we know there is free facility, unconsciously want to quickly access information through the gadget. The ease with which on the one hand unwittingly have sided with its own risks.

It is true if free wifi facilities already available in many places, you certainly experienced it, free wifi available in unusual places, such as hotels, airports, to restaurants and tourist attractions.

Let's say the big cities in the world, I read it on a travel site, Kompas Travel, wrote about the free wifi facilities in New York, Paris, Seoul, Helsinki, Macau, Taipei, Hong Kong and Perth had a lot of free WiFi scattered in various corners of the city, A tourist who was in one of these cities would want to feel the sensation of surfing with these facilities, it is interesting.

Well, an article at a travel site, Skyscanner Australia, revealed that public connection is not secure, especially related passwords and information upon log-in.

There are some software that are often used by hackers, such as Sniffer, that is able to scan and move data from your gadget to other gadgets. Imagine if they move the data to other gadgets, they are the hacker then accesses a shopping site, and the bill comes to you. Disaster!

It happens easily, hackers keep track of login history information on your gadget, then use the data that is to have fun at other sites.

Of course you have to prepare to rescue pleasure when surfing the internet, the advice I got from that site quite well. They wrote to the safety of the tourists, in order to turn off the file sharing feature on gadgets, avoid typing (if possible) the name or username and password and other sensitive information.

Furthermore, avoid if possible, transactions by credit card online, and if already access the name and password, immediately change the password of yours.

Good luck and remain cautious when using the free wifi!

(Source S Anindiati Nursastri – Kompas Travel, Skyscanner Australia /Image N Rosdiana)


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