Residents of Venice Hassles with Tourists Flood

Local residents feel should compete for goods with low price

The Canal

Cities with gondolas, canals that flow in the city center, risotto and other typical Italian culinary able to make thousands of tourists flock to the city's water, a romantic city in northern Italy.

You will agree with me, exotic city, a lot of things that make tourists from around the world dream to one day visit to Venice, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the past, ancient church buildings with interesting architecture 'crammed' in this town.

All undisputed, citing articles in a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, they wrote that every day more than 60 thousand visitors arrived in Venice by boat or train, exceeding the estimated permanent population of the town of about 55 thousand inhabitants.

But. All the charm of the city in water makes the townspeople overwhelmed, busy with all this, there is a pride to the appreciation of the citizens of the world, the arrival of more than 20 million tourists every year it makes citizens want the city returned to normal. Away from the bustle of tourists.

Looked lately, protests emerged from the townspeople to the city government that let tourists flood the city of Venice every day. Naturally, when all impacts are not desirable, the townspeople find items in the store to be more expensive, because on one hand there is the need of tourists and migrants.

People's activiies in city market

Residents of Venice wanted a reasonable rental fee, work and normal living expenses, they even suggested that the tourists do not need to linger in the city, usually stay for four to five days to only stopped for four to five hours.

You'd be surprised, right? So it was as a result of a charm, a city famous and evocative sense, even a quote from FoxNews, from a citizen, "We do not want a tourist town. We would like the city that can make its inhabitants breathe."

The popularity of a tourist destination area on one side of their own impact the population, regardless contribute financially for the city, city residents will arrive at one point, they were tired of the hubbub of the city's tourism that comes in front of their eyes. Every day.

(Source Megiza – CNN Indonesia, FoxNews /Images Pingkan Djayasupena)


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