Selfie Recipes for the Holidays

Following the advice of two cool travel bloggers

The Eiffel Tower became one of the favorite tourist attraction for selfie fans

Selfie has become a trend among younger age, even able to give an attraction for the adults, there is no wrong if you like selfie. A little more is healthy, especially if after that you upload to social media and got the response "like" from a lot of friends.

But. Selfies are not always satisfactory, so I got from an article in the tourist sites, Kompas Travel, because the results are sometimes disappointing, the images that are less precise and a bit blurry or slanted.

Two friends travel bloggers, S Winnie and A Rahman, suggested that when you do a selfie can give satisfactory results.

They say there are some things you need to pay attention, when you're traveling with friends.

A little polish to the face

They suggested that a bright face can help, so it needs to be polished a bit. Especially for young women, try to straighten hair and polish lips with a little lipstick. Clean the face if it is felt greasy, and sprinkle a little talcum powder.

"Traveling does not have to be too festive, make-up as necessary. Hahaha," she said.


You want to draw the images, so that the background plays an important role when selfie. When holidays, do not meet your face filled the smartphone screen.

"Pretty background making our pictures better. Selfie're not merely a face width of the screen, and smile!" Winnie said.

Security notice

Surely you do not have bad luck, just because selfie you got an accident. Many cases of tourists fell, even to death while selfie at a tourist spot.

Around you, pay attention, selfie in hotspots such as cliffs, waterfalls, high buildings, mountain tops. Safety first!

Pose and angle

Selfie not only about facing the camera. You need to be creative, try a pose from the side, also from the back, making angle from above, and more.

"Those photo shots will be more varied."

Use selfie stick

If you're using a smartphone, do not forget to take advantage of selfie stick. But a regular camera, generally use the timer feature.

Selfie stick is helpful for those selfie fans.

High-resolution camera

You'd better prepare a smartphone or mobile phone with high resolution camera which is widely circulated today.

You will be aided by a front camera with around 16 MP and sensor about 1/3.1 inch. The pictures are brighter and has sharp detail. Use of other features, such as around f2.0 aperture, and night shot features in evening selfie.

Vacation is always tempting for many peoples, relief trip at least once a year. Selfie when traveling is a natural activity, as a spice capable of carrying memories for most tourists.

(Source S Anindiati Nursastri - Kompas Travel /Image R Rumambi)


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