To Japan? Note the Ethics when Train Ride in Tokyo

Tokyo has a common driving ethic, especially when you're in subways

Traveling to Japan to be one of desire for most of the travelers of the world, you too may be dreaming of this country for a long time and is included in the tour itinerary, a trip to the country known as the land of the rising sun. Tokyo became one of the major cities in the world, certainly!.

Who does not know the charm of a trip in Japan, and you should be careful from the beginning. Japan is expensive, you need to understand it, and it can be overcome by careful preparation and as far as possible a precise calculation.

Well, if you've been in this country, a few things you need to know. One is ethical when around the public driving transportation, especially when you're on the subways, this mode of transportation is the main transportation of the citizens of Tokyo.

They, the townspeople are very obedient to manners, say while riding the train, and should I cite an article in the sites Kompas Travel, Friday, September 9, 2016, the Manager of Demand Generation and Marketing Department of the Tokyo Metro, Atsushi Kamimura in Jakarta said, "Manners in train ride in Japan is quite tight. The first most important thing is up and down of passengers, the passengers get off always to be the first."

Other rules of procedures for the use of mobile phones, for example, forbidden to speak through the phone, except for email and chatting, and talking loudly in the carriage.

Interesting overview concerning the order of the townspeople, and you can see it on the official website of the Tokyo Metro. You can see the other rules, and they obeyed well, knowing that it gives the good of all citizens.

It can make you more aware of the results of modern life equipment, related to tech-products today.

1. Manners during a train ride, up and down, heed the passengers will get off the train cars.
2. The use of mobile phones on the train, do not use it to talk, except e-mail and chat.
3. Do not talk loudly on the train.
4. The use of the camera, should not be photographed approaching train, dangerous!
5. Do not use the camera's light bulbs, especially as the train passes through the tunnel because it can harm the train driver, and can not use a tripod to take pictures.
6. Respect and prioritize pregnant women on the train.
7. Special railway carriages are available for women, primary school children, as well as passengers disability at rush hour passengers, ie at 5:00 - 9:30 local time.

Atsushi Kamimura pretty consistent when explaining the rules, citing the site, he added, "We supply keychains pregnant women at the station Tokyo Metro. It is important to give special attention to the health and safety of mothers and their children even though the pregnancy rate the growth of the fetus still can not see."

Travelers necessarily agree with that rule, a sense of security in traveling to them is the main thing for new arrivals in cities in Japan, then of course the convenience factor for all.

(Source S Agmasari – Kompas Travel, A Kamimura - Tokyo Metro /Images M Paath Dojonegoro)


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