Oktoberfest Not Just a Beer Flood

Oktoberfest party identified with gallons of beer for the citizens of Bavaria

Oktoberfest, Germany

Drinking beer feast always occurs around the end of October in Germany, or rather in the Bavarian region, and according to records from the sites Lonely Planet, reports from ABCD offices and tourist sites Kiwi.com revealed that this festival will be packed with around 7 million visitors.

Other articles on lifestyle sites, CNN Indonesia writes that the impact on tourism in the region showed remarkable improvements. This festival generates intake is worth 1.3 billion euros, and then the other facts say that only a small amount of money actually used to buy beer. The amount ranges from 189 million euros, with the selling price of a liter of beer was 10.40 euros.

Interesting reviews on the site, about seven million people who came to Bavaria, four out of 10 people are residents of the area. Recorded about 2.6 million come from abroad, and the rest comes from Germany.

It is inevitable when a positive impact for tourism in the region, ahead of the start of the festival on 17 September 2016, demand for hotel rooms is up 85 percent for the average overnight during the festival ranges from 200 euros and a flight to Munich with tickets increased dramatically by 220 percent.

Unexpected when the activity in the city is getting crowded, increased yield reached 42 million euros, the needs of passenger buses, trains, and U-bahn. Tourism has a positive side to many parties, revenues amounted to 384 million euros (local travelers) and 624 million euros of tourists from outside for the purposes of accommodation hotel, other records of food amounted to 147 million Euros and instead serving to drink beer 'only' spent about less of 42 million euros.

Festive party drinking beer that became the theme of the event, but the impact is remarkable for various other aspects of life in the region. It can inspire similar festival in various other places in the world.

Travelers certainly welcomed as they showed at Oktoberfest.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet, Kiwi.com /Image R Gurning)


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