Difference between the Culinary Tours with Gastronomic Tours

In general, travelers are more familiar culinary travel

Asians food, Jakarta

Culinary tours are widely recognized by many tourists in the world, by naked eye was once hunting tourism travel typical food in tourist destinations, less so the presumption.

What do you think, guys? All consider it easy to understand. A walk into town or a specific tourist destination, then gave time to do a small survey, and then try to ask local people about a specific food, then like it or not begin to try it, although perhaps a little trepidation. The experience was soon obtained, and sensation. Is it just that?

I'm looking for a related article, may help curiosity. This is an article I got from the tourist sites, said its a culinary journey that lies in the desire to try certain distinctive culinary.

Mean it's true what my assumption so far, until now. As well as travelers who do it as a hobby. Culinary hunting to a tourist destination, wherever it somehow.

Now, you try to find what it is gastronomic tours. The site says that according to Hall and Shraples, 2003, as summarized by the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), gastronomic tours is a food-related trip to an area with recreational purposes.

That is more extensive, so the article, you can visit the major food producer, or visit the food festivals, farmers' markets, cooking shows and demonstrations, as well as tasting quality food products and tourism activities associated with food.

It's interesting that I gained understanding, gastronomy give an understanding broadly, involves the perpetrator personally, the experience is different, the result of a process of learning different cultures.

Well, if you have often hunt culinary, this time more comprehensive understanding, not only for consumption, but the nature or attributes associated with the tourism product.

It's interesting, isn’t it? Then let traveled not only culinary hunting or just doing ‘selfie’, but a gastronomic tours, a visit to the Asian countries, walking in the fields to plant rice, fishing, and then learn to cook traditionally, while understanding the life and culture of local communities. It was great!

(Source S Agmasari – Kompas Travel, UNWTO /Image D Asih Abadhy)


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