The Asskicker, Coffee That Could Kick Your Ass!

Menu of a unique blend of coffee at a café Viscous Coffee in Adelaide

Coffee enthusiasts need to try one of this coffee concoction, a dull day when you arrive in this town, although the heart anxious to move this way and that, but lazy to move your body and feel so tired.

Adelaide attractive for tourists who seek quiet atmosphere, and try walking to Central Market and its surroundings, to the other side of town, the many restaurants, parks, culinary pathways tour in Gouger Street, feel the pulse of the city radiating from the stone buildings so grand along the North Terrace. However, the quiet atmosphere remains controlled environment, and you'll enjoy it.

Well, the trip can make your body tired for a while, and I find interesting reading on the sites The Daily Meal, they say that place in Adelaide, come to enjoy the unique blend of coffee at Viscous Coffee.

You will be pleasantly surprised with their coffee blends, as presented using caffeine dose 50 times of that in place of regular coffee.

The Asskicker, as they call it, mixed with a composition of four shots of espresso, coffee steeping four ice blocks frozen for 48 hours, 120 milliliters of steeping coffee is cooled for 10 days, and closed with four chunks of ice brew coffee again.

Then, according to their suggestions to enjoy, such as excerpts from a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia - guests are advised to slowly sipped the coffee, no hurry up to four hours ahead and enjoy the café atmosphere, apparently in accordance with the philosophy of this town, quiet and impressed silent, no need to rush.

Similarly, do not be surprised to see a concoction of the eight ounces of coffee plus five grams of caffeine in a cup, you should anticipate by drinking slowly.

As said by Steve Bennington, the coffee shop owner, "Some people love this menu, and others suffered battered because of this coffee. But all this is made for pleasure."

(Source Megiza – CNN Indonesia, The Daily Meal /Image Stevi Lee - Melbourne)


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