Fashion Sandwich Special for Model NYFW 2017

Carnegie Deli sandwich shop provides free promotion for the model of New York Fashion Week

The Fashion Week - Image Credit Indah Ariani

Free sandwich with giant size will be given to the models, if able to spend it, and this will be a tremendous temptation for them, because the models on the one hand wants to look slim and sexy, and you do not be surprised if they do rigorous program related to healthy food, even following a diet program on the advice of nutritionists and doctors.

Precisely because of this, they, sandwich shops are challenged to flirt with the models, spend and free for you, gorgeous!

And, according to the prestigious festival theme, the sandwich is named fashion sandwich, and as expected, you can believe, because not everyone especially the models can get this bread for free.

Are they able to spend the sandwich for one visit to the sandwich shop? As the quote from a lifestyle site, CNN Indonesia, September 13, 2016 relating to the NYFW 2017 event, the shopkeeper made an announcement for visitors, "We are proud to debut our sandwiches, fashion sandwich with super size on this weekends mode event."

Inside The Carnegie Deli, New York - Image Credit J Jardenberg via Wikipedia

Originally they were the models seem keen to try this sandwich, but after seeing the size of the super above average, the models scream and felt surprise. This is a test of their diet program.

Look at the pile of meat and bread thick, you will agree when you see it for yourself and be surprised. Extraordinary!

Despite this sandwich worth a try for a normal person, it was certainly tempting, and satisfy your hunger, you might like to try.

Carnegie Deli in Midtown Manhattan makes an announcement for the visitors, that sandwich is made with a pile of paparazzi pastrami, turkey trendy, stylish snapshot of Switzerland, lined with lettuce, tomato, onions on the runway rye bread. Wow ... It's worth a try!

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, NYFW 2017 /Images Indah Ariani, Joakim Jardenberg via Wikipedia)


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