Bali, the Cheapest in the Post-Brexit

According to the Post Office agency, the Bali island is the second cheapest tourist destination after Cape Town

Tanah Lot, Bali

Cheapest travel destinations become one consideration for many people when they want to make travel plans, of course, cost is an important factor in addition to other factors is needed before deciding to take a vacation.

Ah, of course you already know how Brexit affect life in the continent, Europeans, especially a lot of people watching what happens after Brexit. And, one thing that is variable around the world for tourism in the blue continent.

Travelers certainly has many resources to travel, and this time a British institution, the Post Office, said that Bali became the second lowest tourist destination in the post-event Brexit after Cape Town, Africa in the first rank.

The results of the institution's research gives the fact, that the total expenditure on holiday in Bali at £ 62.56 for 10 items commonly sought by British travelers while on holiday in winter. And, when you're on vacation in Cape Town only spend up to £ 48.89 for the same items, such as a cup of coffee, cocktail, sunscreen, and dinner for two people with two bottles of wine.

That happened after Brexit, citing travel sites, Kompas Travel, that the British people are still looking for destinations despite their country's exit from the European Union, the declining price of popular destinations far away from England.

As presented on the sites of The Telegraph, a spokesman for Post Office Money, Andrew Brown said, "Citizens should also find out where to find food and drinks are cheap. It can make a big difference to the overall cost of the holiday."

The tourist destinations are widely distributed, as stated in the research.

1. Cape Town, South Africa
2. Bali, Indonesia
3. Tokyo, Japan
4. Mombasa, Kenya
5. Colombo, Sri Lanka

6. Cancun, Mexico
7. Phuket, Thailand
8. Lima, Peru
9. Orlando, USA
10. Grand Baie, Mauritius

Clearly research showing the figures relating to the number of long-distance holiday bookings increased 14 percent year-on-year and 8 percent since the Brexit.

Interesting picture of a study, presented further on these articles contained on the site, that the travel agent Travelbag, which helps the Post Office in the preparation of the data, found that many British tourists who choose to take a vacation away from their country.

(Source WA Prodjo – Kompas Travel, The Telegraph /Image W Rosario Wuarmanuk)


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