Malenko first compared to Havana with Free Wi-Fi

Cities in Cuba that provides free Wi-Fi for travelers

Havana, Cuba - Image Credit Vgenecr from nl, September 2005

Free Wi-Fi for the tourists apparently has become a buzzword for tourism in various parts of the world, in this case the city of Malenko, Cuba, become the conscious city with tourism development.

The city is known as the meeting place for fishermen, road users, as well as street artists. But the presence of free Wi-Fi access can give a new spirit to increase tourist visits.

Cuba is just opening up back with the outside world, especially the relationship with the United States, and along with it they are open for tourism.

As the first city to take the initiative, citing the sites CNN Indonesia, Cuba was established as one of the countries with the lowest levels of internet connections in the world, the facts show that only five percent of Cubans who have Internet access in their homes with limited content.

Perhaps in Havana has provided internet services (the state-owned ETECSA), multiple hotspots in public places, such as shopping malls and parks around Havana, capital of Cuba. But. It's not free.

Quoting the sites Lonely Planet, that Malenko initiative received appreciation from tourists, the enthusiasm of the city administration with their plan to the addition of more hotspot points in public areas that can reach the entire city, along eight kilometers.

Who is not welcomed? This city has a positive outlook for the presence of tourists in their city, despite the currently available 65 hotspot points in service and support of the Cuban government in order to end the year can be provided additional hotspot at 80 units of new hotspots.

This cigar country is now changing its image as a tourist destination country as well as providing high-tech services for anyone, including tourist arrivals. Even Malenko ahead of the capital city of Havana, it can be a pleasant surprise.

Tourism can indeed be a special thing for the world, and for anyone of the travel lovers. That is great!

(Source M Nasiri - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet /Image Vgenecr from nl via wikipedia)


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