101-year-old Grandmother from China is Not Afraid to Travel

Liu Chengxin, the oldest person in Wuxi, Jiangsu province receive a passport and want to travel

A canal in Wuxi

Traveling to Hong Kong and Macau, that's the first step to do after her passport was approved. A great step of an elderly, who generally prefer to relax at home at that age.

Who does not salute her? Even a travel site, Lonely Planet, wrote an articles about her, the woman born March 13, 1915, and she made a stir for residents in her town, Wuxi, an old city near Shanghai, because applying for a passport for the first time in old age.

They were originally its inhabitants are still unsure of her decision to the immigration office, to obtain a passport, but she did not hesitate. Moreover, there are no age restrictions for Chinese nationals who wish to apply for a passport.

Great decision of her extended family, where ten of her children took the initiative to bring their mother, doing first for her medical examination, and convinced the condition was fine.

The tourists at Himeji Castle, Japan

After traveling to Hong Kong and Macau, they even have plans to travel further, citing lifestyle articles on the site, wrote that Liu will roam mainland Asia, including sailing to Japan and South Korea, as well as visit Tibet to see the sights of Beijing from there.

A media in Beijing wrote down her impressions, the Beijing Morning Post, "The world is so big, you have to go and see it."

Ah, you'll be dazzled by the extraordinary conditions of her healthy body, and it comes to healthy habits, she said. The site wrote about her habit every day, walking with her son, eat fruit with grains, cassava, potatoes, and pork stew with dumplings. True, she always takes a big bowl of wonton – a sort of dumpling soup - and two steamed buns every meal.

Healthy living, traveling, and look at nature to the whole world, it is a great combination, isn’t it?

(Source M Nasiri - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet, Beijing Morning Post /Images Haha169 via Wikipedia, P Widi Hatmi - Japan)


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