Hotel without a Roof and Walls in the Alps

You can enjoy the thrill of sleeping in nature under the sky

The beds were used in the Null Stern Hotel before being taken to the Alps as illustration - Image Credit Künstlersohn

Luxury hotels or sleeping in the open under a vast sky with the use of camping equipment, it can be an option for anyone, and people will vote according to their interests.

Well, I found an article that wrote about a work place to stay, say the hotel, or whatever it may be called properly.

I read a travel site that the story of two conceptual artists, they designed the hotel which you can not find anywhere in the world. Why?

Frank and Patrik Riklin, they both assisted also from an expert in the field of hospitality, Daniel Charbonnier, a result of joint work, a hotel named "Null Stern - the only star is you".

Where you will see the oddity of it?

The hotel is without a roof and without walls at a price of 230 Euros, when there are curious to try it, guests of the hotel will be accompanied by the bed - double bed fitted with a light sleeper and a small table.

So where can you feel special?

The Alps - Image Credit Jphoto

True, you will get a chance to see as many stars from the bed. In fact, everything concerning the facilities, services and other hotel will you find there. As written on the site that a guest will remain secure in the maintenance employees of the hotel and on the morning breakfast will be delivered to the room. No, I mean in the open outdoors!

That's great, isn’t it?

For the record, there are certain conditions of hotel reservations were canceled, when the weather is not support, say cloudy and it will rain.

(Source Y Margaretta – Kompas Travel, Lonely Planet /Images Künstlersohn and Jphoto via wikipedia)


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