Asians like a Steak Dish with Perfectly Cooked

Five categories of steak dishes, ie rare, medium rare, medium, medium well and well done

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Steak meat dishes has been recognized as one of the special dishes, especially for fans of Western food, and more and more people from different ages love it.

Indeed, there are five categories of this dish, as stated above, each have differences when someone started to enjoy it. Both the maturity level of meat and the aroma of spices will taste different.

As I just read in an article in the tourist sites, that most Asians prefer this food in a dish cooked perfectly. And the category of dish is served in a state of "well done".

You will know every detail of the difference, say a steak dishes in the category of medium well, consider the maturity level of meat, a blend of the meat is tender and juicy remnants, visible red meat in the middle.

As for the meat perfectly cooked steak, well done, notice the meat is brown in color, texture of the meat is fairly hard, and the sensation of juicy meat can not be felt.

And you can find out later that in Asia, peoples do not really like the color of blood red meat, while Europeans tend to prefer a steak dishes in the category level of maturity rare or medium rare.

Then, as is usually the Europeans just ask the meat is cooked briefly, most of the meat is still raw, still red, and the meat still tasted watery (juicy), nor even the meat was overcooked but tasted raw in the middle, and the ritual closed with a drink of red wine, aiming to kill the bacteria remaining in the flesh.

There is always a difference in culture, as presented by a chéf, in a quote from the tourist sites, Kompas Travel, such as the dishes type in any eventual return to individual's taste.

(Source W Adityo Prodjo – Kompas Travel, Chéf R Wishnu Untoro /Image M Paath Djojonegoro)


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