Finding the Best Seat on the Plane - 1

Where is the best seat on the plane?

Seats in the plane indeed often makes many people wonder, is actually where you'll get it? Because many people have speculated, could have the best seats at the side of the window or maybe near the emergency exit.

I myself asked where is it, if you only knew, of course many people will take it.

Okay, let's look at a results of a study of low-cost airlines, easyJets, they claim the best seats to sit is the number 7F.

I should quote from an article in a travel website, wrote that the notes from easyJets, the “7F seats” are always sold out. Even for different reasons, based on a poll rating and is also a lucky number, based on the survey results by Skyscanner who claimed the seat number “6A” is the best seat.

Everyone and prospective passengers have their own reasons, especially the tourists when they are traveling, you alone can give a reason. Always there specific things differently from everyone.

Certain people, or perhaps the tourists have certain considerations, such as safety reasons, choose the aisle the rear cabin of the aircraft. There is another consideration for silence, so choosing a chair after an aircraft wing or seek peace by choosing a seat in the front cabin of the aircraft.

The article continues on the second part, with a more specific picture when the passengers choose their seats on a flight. There are many other reasons why someone chooses a particular seat, for example, more personal reasons.

You will see other reasons, like wanting to get out of the plane, you want to get a wider leg room, bring children and other reasons. Whoever he or she is, or travelers may even, always wanted to know, in fact if there is a seat that can really satisfy passengers?

Of course if you can answer where the best seat, you can share it with other passengers. It was certainly a response is awaited.

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(Source W Adityo Prodjo - KompasTravel, The Huffington Post /Image L Priyanti)


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