Maturity Level Steak "Rare", "Medium Rare" or "Medium Well"

Knowing the difference in the maturity level of the steak dishes

The Café Canggu, Bali

The level of maturity of the steak dishes were asked by a waiter often confusing to some people, because each one has a meaning which can differ greatly. However we would eat it, and the person's appetite is never the same, isn’t it?

You are in for a dinner with some friends, believe me later, a waiter will ask you.

Well, when arriving at the maturity level of the food steak dish that you will order, you certainly want to look already understand. Will hear some terms, among others, rare, medium rare, medium, medium well or well done.

The real meat

I'm looking for the meanings of all the terms of this steak meal, an article in a travel site, from a 25 years experienced chéf and is renowned in Asia who understand the Western food.

1. Rare

At this level of maturity of the steaks “rare” not too long during baking, meat roasted steak just 3-5 minutes.

Characteristics of the meat mostly still raw, still red, and the meat still tasted watery (juicy).

2. Medium rare

One level above the “rare”. The steaks had been overcooked on the outside, but still a lot of raw meat in the middle. It still feels juicy and the texture of the meat tends to tender and soft.

3. Medium

Level rose again one step, the meat was overcooked on the outside, but the remaining part of the raw in the middle.

The meat on the “medium” is pink, it can still feel the juicy aroma of meat.

4. Medium well

The maturity level at “medium well” rise again one level, a fusion of meat is quite tender and juicy remnants of which are still felt. The red color of the meat has been left slightly in the middle.

5. Well done

It is at the highest level, perfectly cooked. “Well done”. Meat steak was cooked perfectly.

The meat was brown and the texture of the meat is fairly hard, and no longer feels the juicy meat.

Your dinner would be successful, you and your friends is satisfied with a dish that was served. The person's appetite is always special, as well as special steak dishes that corresponds to your order.

(Source W Adityo Prodjo – Kompas Travel, Chéf R Wishnu Untoro /Images VR Gumay, Pingkan Djayasupena)


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