Choosing a Suitcase for the Holidays

Vacation closer and you are planning to buy a suitcase

The tourists from Bali landed on Gili Trawangan, Lombok

Choosing a suitcase is one of the busyness of you when vacation time is getting close, can not be avoided anymore when traveling. Of course you know the function of the suitcase used to store your belongings during your journey.

Well. It turned out to choose a suitcase is not always easy, because you need to consider several things needed later.

I read a few suggestions, including from an exhibition event in the town, the advice of a traveler and also from a travel agent.

1. The purpose of a journey. Of course, the purpose of travel into one of the considerations related your suitcase, they say tropical tourist areas is different compared to the sub-tropical tourist destinations.

  If your trip to the cold temperature tourist destination, you should choose the hardcase type suitcase. Extreme weather makes your luggage trunk moist, but hardcase luggage can protect your belongings from damp risk compared with other softcase types.

2. Type color you choose. Bright colors with the motif of flowering or pattern type is more advisable, because it is more easily recognized.

  In addition, most suitcase in airports tend to be dark, so we need additional efforts by adding accessories, ribbon and paper name as identification for the dark one.

3. The size of a suitcase. You need to know from the beginning, the needs of the suitcase, the ideal placement in the cabin about 20 inches (for the weight of the goods about 7 kilograms).

  Other size is the size of 24 inches (about 20 kilograms of goods) or 28 inches (goods weighing 30 kilograms) more appropriately incorporated into the aircraft baggage, and you would be wise set according to the size of your suitcase.

4. Choose the suitcase materials. A fellow travel agent is also advised to know the type of materials of the suitcase. Generally the hardcase type suitcases made of polycarbonate material.

  Meanwhile the softcase type suitcases, more often you find polyester and nylon-type material (lighter).

5. Consultation to the seller. True, you need to do, ask for advice from one or two of the seller, it is much wiser. You will get a fuller picture and satisfying. The holidays will delight you.

When all was planned, even your suitcases has provided well, what else are you waiting for?

(Source W Adityo Prodjo - Kompas Travel, Samsonite /Image F Benjamin)


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