4 Cover Color Passport in the World - 1

Does every color has a special meaning?

Baggage drop, Sydney Airport

Passport color is not the same and can be seen when we were in the airport, it turned out in the world that the passport color cover is different, as each country has a different passport design.

You may notice, while at this time I was not too scrupulous to observe any passports of passengers as they pass through immigration section.

It turns out there are certain colors, namely red, blue, green, and black.

A site writes about this, Business Insider, as well as excerpts from a travel site, and later discovered why each country create different colors, because there is a reason and a specific category.

Vice President of Marketing Passport Index, Hrant Boghossian was quoted as saying on the sites Travel and Leisure, said, "The majority of passports in the world has a base color of red and blue."

Further sites such Kompas Travel writing, that the condition of politics, religion, and geography of a country determines the color of the passport, as well as a mirror of the identity of a country. Do you remember the color of the passport of your country? You bet!

The government of each country reserves the right to choose the color of the cover for their country, but does not automatically give "value" be the same in the view of other countries. Why is that?

Hrant said in an article in Business Insider that the majority of Islamic countries were use green color passports due to the importance of these colors in their religion, as well as green passports used by the countries of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), including Niger and Senegal.

Certainly for tourists it would be of interest, even less understanding of the colors listed in their passports. Ownership of a passport is always giving encouragement to be active, and eventually traveled, regardless of the color of their passport.

Now, what about the black cover passport?

Continued in Part 2 ...

(Source S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Business Insider, Travel and Leisure /Image Juan Tobing)


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