4 Cover Color Passport in the World - 2

Color has a special meaning and reflect the identity of a country

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Passport color had known each is colored red, blue, green, and black. Previous articles in the first part can give a pretty picture.

The explanation in the article, such as a passport belonging to the United States are equally blue compared with passports from Syrian state, but the "value" of its passport is different. You might ask, isn’t it? As previously explained about the purpose of color and identity of a nation.

This is due to the value of the power of a passport of one country in the world, passport "value" of Syria, including the weakest, because it can enter only into 32 countries without a visa. While the United States was included in the three countries with the strongest passport.

Further explanation other than a green cover passport, can certainly give an appealing picture of the other color on the cover of the passport.

Red. Countries that are members of the EU Countries have the burgundy color passport, as well as countries that are interested in joining. Among other Turkey. As said by the sites The Economist, that color may be some sort of branding exercise.

In fact you'd be surprised, if any country of Latin America that have interest to joint the EU, such as Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, not surprisingly, burgundy passports of their country.

Blue. According to Hrant, there are compelling reasons from certain countries, they chose a blue passport, a message of course. Countries belonging to the category "New World", among others, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Other countries are following the change of color of their passport is Indonesia, since the end of 2014 replace the passport cover from green to bright blue.

United States is now using the blue cover passport (since 1976), despite its own story, as the quote from the sites Kompas Travel, before they use a passport color of burgundy, green, and black. Hrant said that the US passport document was originally red.

In the 1930's, the cover of a US passport changes from red to green, then burgundy and finally in the 1970s become black, and now turn blue.

Black. As the question at first part of the article, what about the black cover passport? Look, so elegant and formal. Indeed, there are countries in the world that use the black cover passport, among others, the Republic of Botswana, Zambia, and New Zealand.

Present some degree of pride for the owner of a passport, regardless of the color of their passport, when entering a destination country, including for tourists. Of course eventually use it properly and keep it safely, and not lost on the way.

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(Source S Anindiati Nursastri - KompasTravel, Business Insider, Travel and Leisure /Image Juan Tobing)


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